For an alternative to glasses, consider contact lenses. If you’ve had trouble wearing them in the past, advances in the field of optometry have resulted in a variety of contact lenses with a range of benefits for many vision issues and optometric diseases. At Coastal Eye Care, experienced optometrist Dr. Andrew Cormier performs contact lens exams to find just the right fit for you. If you live in Clearwater, Florida, give us a call or book an appointment online to see if contact lenses are right for you.

What are the benefits of contact lenses?

Contact lenses offer many aesthetic and lifestyle advantages over glasses, and many people prefer the vision correction they can achieve with them. The following are some significant benefits of contacts:

  • Perfect for contact sports or active living
  • No fogging or smudging
  • Better, more natural sight, as they move with your eye and allow a natural field of view
  • Some people feel they look better in contacts

An exam to receive contacts is a bit more detailed than one to establish your glasses prescription. You’ll also need to commit to a slightly more diligent eye care health and lens care schedule.

What types of contact lenses are available?

Many different types of contact lenses are available today, and Dr. Cormier works with you to determine the variety that best fits your vision needs and lifestyle. Various versions include:

  • Rigid gas-permeable lenses that correct vision problems, including myopia
  • Lenses for daily wear that are comfortable and great for active lifestyles
  • Extended wear lenses that can be worn for seven, and sometimes up to 30 days straight
  • Extended wear disposable lenses that are worn for seven days and then discarded
  • Planned replacement wear lenses that are worn during the day for a certain period – usually two weeks or a month – then replaced

Consider the cleaning requirements, comfort level, and your goals when determining which lenses are ideal for you.

What if I cannot wear contact lenses?

People with an irregular cornea caused by a disease called keratoconus or other corneal issues may have been informed they are not eligible for vision correction with contact lenses. At Coastal Eye Care, Dr. Cormier offers scleral contact lenses that have a unique design that works for these conditions.

The scleral lens sits on the white of the eye and passes over the cornea, but never touches it. The scleral lens also provides more comfort and moisture if you suffer from dry eyes and can’t tolerate wearing contacts.

If you’d like to wear contacts, call Coastal Eye Care in Clearwater, Florida, or use our online booking feature to schedule your exam today and find out the type that best suits you.