5 Surprising Benefits of Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings

You may already know that anti-reflective (AR) coatings make your glasses easier to clean by preventing oil, water, and dirt from sticking to the lenses. But what you might not know is that they also play a big role in how you see, how you look, and how your eyes feel at the end of the day.

Anti-Reflective Lens Coating

Here are five little known, but important benefits to consider if you’re thinking about enhancing your lenses with a high-quality AR coating:

1. Increase Your Visual Clarity

AR coatings enhance the way you see the world by allowing more light to pass through the lens while eliminating glare, so you have clear vision on the job, in the classroom, around the house, and behind the wheel.

2. Enhance Your Appearance

By removing harsh reflections from your lenses, AR coatings allow others to see you – not that annoying glare. Whether you’re posing for a picture or video chatting with a friend, you can feel confident that your eyes take center stage.

3. Extend the Life of Your Lenses

AR coatings protect your glasses against scratches and smudges, resulting in lenses that last longer. This also means you’ll be replacing your lenses less frequently, which can help save you money.

4. Reduce Your Blue Light Exposure

Specialty AR coatings like TechShield™ Blue, combat digital eye strain by reducing your exposure to blue light from digital devices and lighting. If you’re unfamiliar with digital eye strain, it’s that tired, irritated feeling you get in your eyes after looking at a digital screen for a few hours.

5. Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays

AR coatings can also help protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. UV protection can be added to the backside of the lenses to defend your eyes against UV rays reflected off surfaces like sidewalks and windows.

Ask your Coastal Eye Care doctor about enhancing your lenses with an AR coating.

This is a guest blog post by VSP employee, Paul Janes.

DIY Halloween Kids Costumes

October is here which means Halloween is right around the corner. Picking out the perfect Halloween costume for kids can be a big deal, especially when they want to impress their friends while trick or treating. If your child wears glasses then they may ask to forgo their eyewear, concerned that it won’t fit with the style of their costume. Instead of tossing their glasses to the side, make their frames a core part of their Halloween costume.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite DIY costume ideas that feature glasses as a key costume component. Start by finding the costume below that works best with your child’s style or interest. If your child is due for a trendy new pair of glasses, we’ve also included where you can find each of the frames below.


Halloween kids costumes

For the kid who enjoys science experiments, a scientist is just the thing.

Costume DIY:

  • A white lab coat
  • Black gloves
  • Plastic toy test tubes

Glasses: This costume works best with thick black frames.


Halloween kids costumes

For the kid who is feeling a little mischievous and really likes yellow, a Minion is the ideal choice.

Costume DIY:

  • Yellow shirt
  • Yellow beanie
  • Jean overalls
  • Black gloves

Glasses: This costume works best with grey round frames.

Where’s Waldo

Halloween kids costumes

For the kid who’s feeling adventurous, Where’s Waldo is the perfect match.

Costume DIY:

  • Red and white striped shirt
  • Red and white striped beanie
  • Jeans

Glasses: This costume works best with black or brown circular frames.

Cat Lady

Halloween kids costumes

For the kid who wants to be comfy while they trick or treat, a cat lady will do the trick.

Costume DIY:

  • A fuzzy pink bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • A few stuffed kitties
  • Velcro hair rollers

Glasses: This costume works best with bright colored frames, the brighter the better!

Your child is sure to have a new perspective on their glasses following Halloween this year. Just remember that no matter the costume, your child’s vision shouldn’t be obstructed, and they should be able to see properly for safe trick or treating. Happy Halloween!