Is It Time to Change Your Contact Lens Case?

The time has changed and probably so should your contact lens case. Dr. Cormier says one of the most common mistakes he finds is contact lens wearers that do not replace their contact lens case frequently enough. Dr. Cormier recommends changing contact lens cases at least every 3 months to avoid eye irritation and infection. So if you are over due for a replacement case, consider buying them in bulk or even setup a recurring subscription so you won't have to remember next time.

Not only is it good practice to keep a fresh lens case on hand, but consider these other contact lens safety tips:

  • Always wash hands with soap and water before handling contacts.
  • Every day, empty contact solution out of the case, wash with solution and clean fingers.
  • Let the case air dry, upside down on a paper towel, before putting caps back on.
  • Boil the case in water for 5 minutes, then rinse with solution to sanitize between replacements.

By incorporating these practices into your contact lens routine, you will prevent as much bacteria as possible from contaminating your contact lenses and ultimately your eyes themselves. Of course, if you ever have questions regarding your vision you can contact us or request an appointment to come see us at either our Clearwater, FL or Pinellas Park, FL locations.

New Location in Pinellas Park

We are very excited to announce that due to our remarkable growth in the Clearwater/Pinellas area, we are opening a new location in Pinellas Park on November 6th. This will be an exam only location inside of the Walmart Vision Center off of US 19 (8001 US Hwy 19 N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781). Our same staff and doctors will be at this location so we can deliver the same quality of service to our patients. We will continue to offer the same friendly service at our original location in Clearwater as Dr. Cormier will see patients at both offices. When requesting an appointment online you will choose whether to see us in Clearwater or Pinellas Park. We invite you to drop by and see us during your next trip to Walmart!

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